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Become known as someone who makes a real difference in the lives of others! Put aside a few minutes now to discover the life changing benefits to you in volunteering overseas.

We are the hands of God. Lets show love and Care to others, We have the ability.

Volunteer in Uganda in your Free year or student holiday


Join with other school & university leavers, or during your student holidays, on a Volunteer trip to Uganda project to:

  • Take part in a unique, life-changing experience with Orphanage schools in Uganda.

  • Make a real difference to peoples' lives in areas of health by working or voluntering in Hospitals and medical Ceters in rural Uganda

  • Learn new skills that future employers will value

  • Join safaris & expeditions you will remember forever and have fun with new like-minded friends

  •  Get a Volunteer Certificate at the End of this wonderful work and build for community service CV.


Volunteering is open to all. Don't worry if you feel you haven't got the right experience, our team is here to help you before you go and while you are in Africa to give you the support and training you need.


We welcome volunteers of all ages to participate in our ongoing development efforts in the villages of Uganda. You can volunteer as an individual or a group.

Our Projects Include:

Volunteer in Orphanage homes in Wakiso,

Join Disability Organization in Wakiso,

Children's home Volunteering in Bulenga,

Volunteer in Medical Centers in Kampala's Slum Areas,

Volunteer in a hygine and Sanitation project in Jinja and Buyende

Volunteer in Hiv/ Aids project in Child hope Ministries Jinja.

Volunteer in an Orphanage school in Bulaga.

Volunteer in the helping and treatment street children.

These and many more are some of our volunteer placement areas.



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