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Volunteer 2 Uganda! With its breath taking location offers unlimited opportunities for adventuring, volunteering, and traveling. This world famous safari destination surprises at every turn with its beautiful lakeshores, a century-old botanical garden alive with the chatter of acrobatic monkeys, friendly people, and colorful tropical birds. 


Our volunteer programs in Uganda are located in Wakiso, Entebbe and the capital city of Kampala . Volunteers 2 Uganda invites you to join our volunteer programs in Uganda and explore this newly peaceful and stable African destination. In Uganda , we presently offer volunteer programs in orphanages, HIV/AIDS projects, healthcare, and English-teaching.




Volunteers 2 Uganda's volunteer programs in Uganda presently support rural local communities, orphanages, HIV/AIDS projects, local schools, regional health project, Kampala Street Project and NGOs working to improve and address various social issues. Volunteer projects in Uganda are located in Wakiso, Kampala ,and Entebbe . Volunteers can work in any of these volunteer projects in Uganda while sharing their love and skills with the local kids, women's groups, and communities.



Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Project

Project Summary

The pandemic resulting from the spread and acquisition of HIV/AIDS is a serious, deadly challenge facing the entire country of Uganda . Each year, thousands of Ugandans (adults and children) die from this acquired disease. Presently, Volunteers Uganda works in collaboration with local organizations running various HIV/AIDS projects creating and promoting awareness while simultaneously providing comfort to HIV/AIDS-infected citizens. These projects also train local community workers to effectively address and educate others about HIV/AIDS-related issues. These trained citizens then return to their villages of origin to train and educate other citizens – eventually launching their own HIV/AIDS awareness programs. Local program already emplaced by our partnering organizations include: stigma reduction, gender awareness, home visits, community counseling, as well as sensitization in public places (i.e. community centers and/or schools). This project's primary goal is to create hope among the sick – assuring them that they are able to live productive, meaningful lives (living with AIDS, not dying from AIDS) provided that they take proper care of their bodies.

Role of the Volunteer

Volunteers can participate in a number of community-based activities. Each day, volunteers meet at the projects' headquarters, take part in daily discussions, and develop daily strategies and follow-up on the projects' current plans. As the HIV/AIDS program's primary aim is the creation of public awareness, volunteers will travel from village-to-village – accompanying members of the local staff. Some activities include: providing comfort through counseling and/or spiritual guidance, distributing basic supplies (such as food, soap and clothes) administering medication to alleviate symptoms such coughing, diarrhea, as well as assisting in the building or repairing of affected clients' homes.

Skills/Qualifications Needed

No specific qualifications are required to join the HIV/AIDS project. However, volunteers interested in this particular project should have some interest in HIV/AIDS-related issues as well as have a passion for helping others and a willingness to share their time, energy and compassion with these in-need Ugandans.


Volunteers Uganda makes all necessary arrangements regarding room, food and supervision from the beginning to the end of the program. While participating in the first week's language and cultural immersion classes, participants stay with a host family near the city. While volunteering, participants stay with either a host family or at the orphanage – in a separate room with a shared bathroom.


Volunteer to Teach English and Maths in Primany and Nursery Schools in Uganda


Volunteer 2 Uganda - Orphanage Project


AIDS has greatly increased the number of orphans in Uganda . These children are left in poverty and unbearable conditions without parents to care for them. Volunteers are needed in our orphanage projects to teach basic English and other subjects (Math and Science), help in organizing activities for the children, and provide both care and much-needed companionship. Volunteer in Orphanage project in Uganda will also help the children prepare for school by assisting them with their homework and ensuring that they complete their assignments/lessons. Currently, Volunteers Uganda works with more than three local orphanages within Kampala .




There are no specific qualifications needed to join the orphanage volunteer project. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient. You should have passion and love for orphans.


Volunteer in Uganda- Hospitals and Medical Centers


You too can join our medical Centers in Uganda and help out our societ as you too get exposure to the tropical Diseases in Africa.


There are no specific qualifications needed to join the orphanage volunteer project. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient. You should have passion and love for orphans.


Volunteer Uganda Accommodation-Room/Food/Supervision


Volunteers 2 Uganda arranges living accommodations, meals, and supervision of volunteers from the start to the end of program. If enrolled in the first week's culture and language program volunteers are accommodated in a local host family. Usually, volunteers are hosted by Volunteers 2 Uganda's local coordinator. Our country coordinators are responsible, mature and educated individuals who have years of experience hosting international volunteers. Depending on the location of the assigned projects, volunteers usually stay in either or host family or a nearby hostel. As is usually the case, volunteers participating in the orphanage project will reside within the residences located within the confines of the orphanage's compound. Volunteers 2 Uganda arranges clean and simple accommodations for volunteers who are either assigned private or shared rooms (with fellow volunteers) in either a hostel or host family. Bathrooms are usually shared with other residents/volunteers. Details pertaining to living accommodations are covered in pre-supplied placement sheets. Volunteers Uganda provides three meals/day with supervision provided by our local coordinator for the duration of your stay in Uganda




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